Connection to Public System

Connect to a piping system that takes the waste to a centralized treatment facility.

Treatment Level:  Primary
Relative Cost:
  varies by situation (generally includes connection fee & monthly bill)
Amount of Maintenance Interaction:  low
Beneficial Byproduct:  none


  • No on-site treatment is needed:  “out of site, out of mind.”
  • Typically government operated and maintained.
  • Benefits of water efficiency upgrades will be directly reflected in a reduced utility bill.


  • Sanitary sewer connection fees.
  • Utility bills (typically based on water consumption).
  • Lose potential to reuse nutrients & water from on-site treatment
  • Must have water for flushing

Operation & Maintenance

  • Done by municipal staff.

Blackwater vs Graywater?

  • Can treat both in combination.

Secondary Treatment Options

  • None needed.

Additional Notes:

  • This option takes up the least amount of space and provides the greatest freedom from concerns regarding waste treatment.

Overview of public collection (