Water Efficiency Improvements

In order from ‘practically free’ to fairly expensive, here is a list of various water efficiency measures that may be applicable at your site to reduce potable water consumption.  Depending on the source of your water, these measures can either prolong the life of your well or reduce your water utility bills.

  • Fix leaks and running toilets (simple but very effective!)
  • Reduce water used for flushing by setting a brick (or something similar) in the existing toilet flush tanks
  • Add flow restrictors (also called aerators) to shower heads and lavatory faucets
  • Collect laundry rinse water for reuse or divert it to your garden
  • Install waterless or pint flush urinals
  • Install dual flush toilets
  • Collect lavatory sink water to supplement toilet flushing
  • Choose high efficiency dish and clothes washers
  • Install vacuum flush or foam flush toilet fixtures
  • Harvest rainwater for reuse
  • Install ozone laundry system

Spot harvesting sink water for toilet flushing (www.sloan.com)